5 Things to Consider Before Posting Bail For Someone

5 Things to Consider Before Posting Bail For SomeoneIf a friend or family member needs to be bailed out of jail, you might be summoned to help get them out from behind bars. In this situation, you'll want to think critically about whether it's worth taking on the financial risk. Although you may want to do whatever is necessary to help out your loved one, it's still worth weighing certain questions before becoming financially involved. Here's a look at five considerations before posting bail for someone.


It's worth asking yourself how well you really know this person. Just because they're family doesn't automatically mean that you know them on a deep level. If this person is a more distant friend, you might seek advice from a mutual acquaintance who can help you determine if it's worth becoming financially involved.


Sometimes, we see our loved one through rose-tinted glasses. You'll want to be very honest with yourself about how well you can really trust this person. If they've used you in the past, you'll want to closely examine whether their character has positively changed to the extent that you can now trust them.

Accepts Responsibility

If this person takes full accountability for their mistakes, then it's more likely that they'll follow through with court dates and accept their consequences.

Stable Housing

It's of the utmost importance that your loved one attends all of their court dates, but a transient living arrangement could make that more challenging. If they are living couch to couch, you might help them find something more stable.

Employment History

Those who have a track record with maintaining employment are more likely to attend all required court dates, thus decreasing your financial risk.

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Posted: July 29, 2020

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