How Does Bail Work

How Does Bail WorkIt isn't something many people need do in their lifetime, but everyday all across the United States people post bail for the first time in order to get someone they care about released from jail. When someone needs to post bail for the first time they often have one big question, how does bail work? In reality it is a fairly simple concept and it is a right afforded to all citizens of the United States. But sometimes the short answer isn't always the best answer.

What is bail?

When a person is placed under arrest they must be processed at the jail and arraigned following their detainment. At their arraignment hearing they will learn the charges against them and learn what their bail amount is set at. The amount of their bail will vary based on several factors. The judge deciding their bail amount will look at what crime the defendant is accused of, any previous arrest record and their flight risk in order to put a dollar amount on their bail. This cost can range from just a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands or even more.

Since the defendant is innocent until they are proven guilty they have the legal right to be released on bail pending their trial. To guarantee that a defendant appears in court after being bailed out the bail money must be paid as insurance. As long as the arrested person appears at all of their scheduled court dates this money will be returned to the payer, generally minus court fees, once the case is settled. However, since bail amounts can be so incredibly high many people can't afford to pay cash to post bail for their loved one. Fortunately the use of a bail bond can lessen the initial cost of posting bail.

Why use a bail bond?

When you use a bail bond you will only need to pay a small fraction of the total bail amount in order to have your loved one released from jail. The cost of a bail bond is generally around 10 percent of the full bail amount. This is a one time, non-refundable fee.

Why post bail for someone?

Posting bail for someone is a huge benefit for the defendant. The freedom you're offering them will allow them to seek superior legal counsel for their case as well as let them live their day to day life as their court dates approach. Since they are not locked up they will not have to quit their job or be unable to attend school and they can continue taking care of other responsibilities.

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