How to Know When You've Found an Excellent Bail Bond Agency

If your friend or family member suddenly finds themselves on the wrong side of a jail cell, you might be the person they call for assistance with getting bailed out. In such a scenario, you'll want to work with a bail bond agent who has extensive experience with securing fast releases. When your loved one is bailed out quickly, they'll have a better chance of keeping their job. It'll also be easier for them to maintain some normalcy with their family life. Here are five indications that you've found a great bail bond agency.

Free Bail Bond Consultations

If you've never previously helped bail someone out of jail, then there's a good chance that you'll have some questions about how exactly this process works. During a free consultation with an experienced agent, you can get all of your questions answered, which will allow you to make a well-informed decision about whether you want to become financially involved with bailing out your loved one.

Follows State-Mandated Fee Schedule

According to Florida law, bail bonds must cost at least $100. This will be the cost for any bail amount up to $1,000. If bail has been set at a higher amount, you'll be charged 10% of that amount. You should be skeptical of any agency that is trying to charge more or less than this.


An experienced bail bond agent will make sure that the defendant's identity is kept as confidential as possible. Defendandants don't deserve to have their reputation ruined when they haven't even been convicted of a crime.

Fast Bail Release

If your loved one is incarcerated in a highly populated facility, the release could take up to seven hours or so. But when you use an experienced agent, release from smaller facilities can occur in as little as one hour after the bond has been issued.

24/7 Bail Bonds

Arrests occur at all hours of day and night, so a reputable bail bond agent will also maintain a round-the-clock schedule. Even if the arrest occurs in the deepest hour of night, assistance will be available.

If you need a bail bond, be sure to get in touch with a reputable bail bond agent. For bail bonds in Panama City, Bay County, and throughout Florida, contact the experts at Steele Boys' Bail Bonds at (850) 403-0214. Feel free to give Steele Boys' Bail Bonds a call to ask us any questions about the bail-posting process!

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Posted: March 3, 2021

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