FAQ: Posting Bail

FAQ - Posting BailWhen someone you care about is placed in jail it is likely that you will have several questions about what to do. Finding out that someone you care about has been locked up can be scary, but it should sway you from the fact that you can actually get them out, pending their court dates, which could be weeks or months in the future. Here are a few things to know about posting bail.

What is bail?

Bail is a right afforded to Americans that allows for their release from jail pending court. A financial sum or other collateral must be paid as insurance to the courts that the released defendant will show up in court.

What is a bail bond?

Since bail can be very high bail bonds allows for a person to post bail at a lower rate of a one time fee to a professional bail bond agency.

How much does bail cost?

The amount placed on someone’s bail will depend on several things, including the crime they committed, their previous arrest record and their flight risk.

How long does it take to get someone out of jail on bail?

Once a bail bond has been posted it can take anywhere from 1 hour to 12 hours or more, depending on the location and capacity of the jail.

What happens if someone skips bail?

If a person is released on bail and they miss or skip their court dates a warrant will be issued for their arrest. Once detained they will likely be denied bail in the future.

Can a bail bond be used for any crime?

A bail bond can be used for any crime and any defendant, with the exception being those denied bail by a judge.

Where do I get a bail bond in Panama City, FL?

If you are looking for an affordable bail bond in Florida you will want to talk to the team at Steele Boys Bail Bonds. We offer fast service, low rates and can post bail bonds anywhere in Florida. When you need to post bail in Panama City give us a call at (850) 403-0214 to request more information or to begin the bail process right away.

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