10 Common Serious Crimes Committed in the US

10 Common Serious Crimes Committed in the USCrime in the United States occurs at an alarming rate. There are many different crimes that can land people in jail, from shoplifting to murder, and everything in between. The following are a few of the most serious crimes that are committed by people in America. If someone you know has been charged with any of the following you may need to post their bail. In order to do so be sure to contact a professional bail bond agent.


A crime often found at the top spot in a common crimes list is driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated.


Larceny is the wrongful taking of personal property, whereas theft includes intangible property.

Drug Possession

Possession of drugs, including marijuana, meth, heroin, crack, cocaine and others, is incredibly common in the US.


Vandalism includes graffiti, breaking windows, and other destruction of property.


There are many cases in which a person may swindle another, or a group of people, in an illegal format for financial gain.

Property Crimes

Property crimes include a range of charges including grand theft auto, arson and numerous others.


Unfortunately assault often finds itself in the top 10 most common crimes in America.

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct can also result in a misdemeanor, but it is all dependant upon the situation.

Weapons Charges

Being in possession of an an unlicensed firearm, discharging a firearm or possession a firearm as a felon are all common crimes that constitute an arrest.

Violent Crimes

Rape, murder, kidnapping and other violent crimes are all too common within in the US.

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