Main Types of Bail Bonds

Main Types of Bail BondsFollowing an arrest a person will remain in jail until they are arraigned. The general purpose of arraignment is to inform the defendant of the charges that have been filed against them and a bail amount will be set. The amount of the bail will depend on the crime the person was arrested for and their criminal record. There are three main ways to be released on bail in the United States.

PR Bonds

The first type of bond is often only presented as an option to first time offenders who have been charged with nonviolent crimes. A personal recognizance bond is when the court will release the defendant at no cost upon them giving their word that they'll appear in court and not commit any crimes while out on bail. Since this type of bond carries no fee for the defendant it is the most ideal way to get out of jail, but it isn't an option for everyone.

Cash Bonds

The second way to get a person out of jail on bond is to pay the full cash bail amount, referred to a cash bond. This is when you put up all of the money for the defendant's bond, which can be in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, depending on the crime. In most cases, once the court case is settled the person who put up the money will get it back, minus any applicable administration fees.

Surety Bonds

One of the most common ways to get a defendant out of jail on bond is called a surety bond, often referred to as a bail bond. With this type of bond a third party agent agrees to assume responsibility for the defendant appearing in court for any scheduled days after acquiring a fee that is generally about 10 percent of the total bail amount.

Surety bonds, aside from PR bonds, are the quickest most affordable way to get a loved one released from jail. If you are in need of a surety bond in Panama City and throughout Florida reach out to Steele Boys' Bail Bonds. We can get your loved out out quickly and affordably using surety bail bonds. To learn more or to request a bail bond in Florida give us a call 24/7 at (850) 403-0214.

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