What is a bail bond indemnitor expected to do?

What is a bail bond indemnitor expected to do?When a loved one suddenly finds themselves detained, you might be the person they call to help them with getting out from behind bars. If you agree to co-sign on a bail bond, that will make you the indemnitor. As such, to secure your loved one's release, you'll assume a measure of financial risk. Before you agree to this responsibility, it could be worthwhile to first consult a reputable bail bond agent who can answer any of your questions about how the process works. Here's a look at four important responsibilities of a bail bond indemnitor.

Pay Initial Costs

By paying the up-front fees, the bail process will be initiated. How much you'll have to pay will likely depend on the full bail amount that the judge has set. Typically, felony charges have higher bail costs than their misdemeanor counterparts. And if the defendant is deemed a flight risk or threat to public safety, bail might not be offered at all.

Keep Tabs on Defendant's Location

By always maintaining an awareness of the defendandan't whereabouts, you'll help to ensure that they successfully navigate the legal process. If your loved one is in a transient living situation, you should try to find them something more stable to increase the likelihood that they make it to their court dates.

Make Sure Defendant Attends All Court Dates

It is of the utmost importance that your loved one appears on-time at all scheduled court dates. If they don't, they could end up in serious legal trouble, and you could end up on the hook for a major chunk of change. To ensure that your loved one gets to court in a timely fashion, you should make sure they have a transit plan, and may even want to give them a ride.

Potentially Pay Full Bail Amount

If your loved one ends up skipping town during the process, then you could end up being required to pay major bail costs. In such a scenario, you may risk forfeiting any possessions you put up as collateral.

If you need a bail bond, be sure to get in touch with a reputable bail bond agency. For bail bonds in Panama City, Bay County, and throughout Florida, contact the experts at Steele Boys' Bail Bonds at (850) 403-0214. Steele Boys' provides 24/7 bail bonds in Panama City. Feel free to give Steele Boys' Bail Bonds a call today to ask any questions that you have about the bail-posting process!

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Posted: November 27, 2020

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