What is the bail bond process?

What is the bail bond process?Being arrested is scary, not just for the person who has been detained but also their loved ones. Family and close friends are likely to worry about the person who has been arrested, especially if it is their first time going to jail. One of their main concerns, and likely to the relief of the defendant, will be getting their loved one released. The quickest way to do this is often through the use of a bail bond. Here is the breakdown about how to use a bail bond to get a friend or relative released from jail.

Arrest & Arraignment

The first thing that happens is the arrest, which is followed relatively quickly by the arraignment. At the arraignment the defendant will hear the charges against them and learn what their bail amount is, if they have already not been informed. In some instances it is possible to post bail prior to arraignment.

Contact a Bail Bond Agent

Once the bail amount has been set the person that is going to take responsibility for the defendant needs to contact a reputable bail bond agent. The agent will need the name, birthday, inmate number, if available, and location of the jail they are in to post their bail.

Post Bail

Once the bail bondsman has the necessary info and the bail bond premium, which is the fee needed to post bail, they will issue the bond. Within a few hours the defendant will be on released.

Contact a Lawyer

Once the defendant is out of lawyer they should connect with a lawyer if they have not already done so. Having a lawyer on your side is always a good idea as they can assist you in receiving the best possible outcome of your court case.

Go to Court

If you are the person who posted bail for your friend or relative it is necessary to ensure that they make it to court. If they skip court you could be liable for paying the total bail amount, which could be in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. During court the defendant will learn the outcome of their trial, which could result in an innocent or guilty verdict, or a mistrial.

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