What is the bail bond process?

What is the bail bond process?If you have recently found out that someone you care about has been locked up it's likely you are curious what you can do to help them. The first thing you should do is post their bail, as this gives the defendant an opportunity to get out of jail and continue living their day to day life as they prepare for their day in court. But if you have never posted bail before it is likely that you're curious about how it all works. Here's a brief run down of the bail bond process.

Arrest and arraignment

Before you ever can post bail the person must first be arrested, obviously. Regardless of what they are arrested for the person will be transported to the jail. In some circumstances a bail amount will be automatically assigned to them based on the crime that they are charged with. In many other circumstances they will go through the arraignment process in which the person stands before the judge to hear the charges against them and they will learn what their bail amount is set at.

Post their bail

Once bail is set the person can be bailed out. While you can post bail by paying the full dollar amount, it is usually quite a high sum that many people don't have on hand. Yes, the money will be returned to you after the case is settled, but still it can be in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. To make posting bail more affordable a bail bond may be used. This consists of a one time fee that is usually about 10 percent of the total bail amount. In order to pay bail with this method you'll need to contact a bail bond agency.


Once the person has been bail out of jail they will be able to put together their case with their lawyer in order to get the best possible outcome. It is imperative that the person appears at every trial date, as a no show would be considered skipping bail and an arrest warrant would be placed for them.

After trial

Once the trial or court case is complete the person will either be free to go or be returned to jail to serve their sentence.

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