Should I Post Bail for Someone?

Should I Post Bail for Someone?One of the toughest questions you may ever be asked is, "Will you post bail for me?" While sometimes the answer may will an easy yes, especially for a close friend or relative, there may be other times where you struggle to come up with an answer. It is important to consider the responsibility that you take on when you post bail for anyone. You will become financially responsible for their future actions and you may find yourself with a large bill to pay if that person decides not to follow through with their end of the deal, which would be appearing at all of their upcoming court dates. Here are a few important questions to ask yourself before posting a bail bond for someone you're unsure of.

How well do know them?

Perhaps you get a call from a person you were once close with many years ago, but has now found themselves in a bit of hot water. When was the last time you talked to this person? Can you base your decision off your previous relationship with them? Think hard about this person's motive for reaching out to you.

Is this person trustworthy?

More importantly, you need to be able to trust this person 100 percent. Even if you know a person quite well, such as a family member, it doesn't mean they don't have ill-intentions once released from jail. Be sure you trust this person to make it to all their court dates.

Is this person currently housed?

It has been noted in numerous studies that people released from jail on bail that do not have a house to return to are less likely to appear in court. When posting bail for someone make sure they have a place to go home to.

Are they currently employed?

A person who jumps from one job to another or has no job at all is less likely to make it to court than someone who is steadily employed.

Will they take responsibility for their actions?

Ask yourself if this person will take responsibility for the actions they have been accused of and show up in court. Do you believe they will? Ask them directly, and listen for any signs they have plans to make a run for it.

When you bail someone out they have an obligation to go to all of their court dates. So will they? If you have questions about posting bail in Florida reach out to Steele Boys' Bail Bonds. We offer professional bail bond services in Panama City and throughout the Sunshine State. To learn more or to request a Florida bail bond give us a call at (850) 403-0214. We're available 24 hours a day!

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