Why post bail?

Why post bail?When a person is arrested they will generally have the opportunity to be bailed out of jail, as long as a judge doesn't block this due to a previous arrest record or the nature of the crime that was committed. It may seem strange to post someone's bail, especially if it is obvious that they are guilty of the crime they are being charged with. However, posting bail for someone, regardless of the evidence against them, is important. Posting their bail means they will be free throughout the court process, which can take weeks, months or in some cases, years. Their freedom is necessary for a variety of reasons, including the following.

Allows the defendant to continue working or going to school

If a person is not quickly bailed out of jail it is likely that they will lose their job or fall behind in school, or both, depending on the arrested person's schedule. Being bailed out allows them to continue living their day to day life and they can work with their employer or school to arrange for days off for court and beyond.

Let's them seek legal help

While a defendant will be allowed to meet with a lawyer in jail they may not have the opportunity to seek proper legal counsel for their particular case. It is necessary to work with a top notch lawyer who specializes in the type of crime or charges that the defendant is facing, so that they have the best chance of being proved innocent or at least receiving a lessened sentencing at the end of their trial.

Prepare for life after court

Another important reason that a person should be bailed out of jail is so that they can make arrangements for their home, family, pets, job, school and so on and so forth, if it appears that they will be spending time in jail.

It's their right to walk free

Innocent until proven guilty, right? That's what they say, anyway, but it doesn't appear that way if you're locked up before proven guilty. It's your right to be free during this time, unfortunately it may cost you a bit up front.

Posting bail is crucial for any person who has been arrested. If you want to learn more or need to post bail in Panama City or throughout Florida come talk to the team at Steele Boys' Bail Bonds. We work quickly to get your loved one released from jail! Give us a call at (850) 403-0214 to learn more about Florida bail bonds.

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