Surety Bonds in Panama City FL

Bail Bonds in Panama City FLThe formal name for a bail bond is a surety bond. At Steele Boys' Bail Bonds we post surety bonds in Panama City, Bay County and the surrounding Florida communities to ensure that you, your friend or your loved one is released in a timely manner from the jail they are being held at. We know that this is a difficult time for you but we will do everything possible to ensure that bail is posted as soon as possible, as simply as possible, for the most affordable price. Contact Steele Boys' Bail Bonds to learn more about surety bonds in Florida.

What is a Surety Bond

At Steele Boys' Bail Bonds we offer surety bonds, which is the formal name for bail bonds. These bonds are issued to the courts to secure the release of your loved one as they await their court dates following an arrest. A surety bond means you won't have to put up the full bail amount which would normally be required for a cash bond. Instead we will charge a small, non-refundable fee of 10 percent of the total bail amount in order to post the bond. We encourage you to call us should you have any questions about surety bail bonds in Florida.

If a client chooses to purchase a surety bond from Steele Boys' Bail Bonds they will need to sign bail bond documents including a bail bond application, a bail indemnity agreement, and a receipt. We can process this paperwork in just a few minutes, through email or fax, so that our agents can post the bond right away. From start to finish your loved one will usually be released in just a few hours!

Be Aware of Surety Bond Costs

Bail Bond Costs are set by Florida law. For this service, the customer is charged a fee of about 10% of the full bail amount, which is mandated by state law. Be skeptical of bail bonding agencies offering discounted bail bonds for 5% or less.

To ensure that you don't incur any additional fees be sure to fully understand your responsibilities as an indemnitor. It is up to you to know where the defendant is at all times and to make sure that they appear at each and every one of their scheduled court appearances. To learn more or to purchase a surety bond in Florida call (850) 403-0214 to speak with the friendly team at Steele Boys' Bail Bonds.


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